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"I would recommend reading this book as early as when a home of your own is just a glimmer in your eye. Buying a home is overwhelming and scary. This book squashes those fears with a clear explanation of the process, and sensible logic. The early preparation steps that are necessary to make your first home buying experience a success are all listed here; start early, not the day you go house hunting. That is one of the best tips ever."


~ In Suzi's Words

"I found it to read much easier than most financial guides and references I have seen. I wish I had read this before I bought my first home. Information is presented in such a clear, logical and organized fashion that anyone should be able to understand and benefit from this book.


There is also lot of helpful information in the back of the book including a glossary, a list of acronyms, a complete bibliography, an index and an appendix full of useful forms."


~ Charmed I'm Sure

"A good cross reference of terms for professionals- great for writing ad copy and listing data.  A must have for those new to the business."


~ David Barber

"I wish I had this when I first started in the business. More information than any broker has shared with me."


~ Doc

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