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Find the important message that will CHANGE your LIFE amongst the many books below:

2016 Goal Achiever
by Regina P. Brown

2016 Daily Planner for real estate professionals to help them accomplish their goals and perform at maximum level.  Set milestones to achieve every dream.  Available in 3 versions:  Full size, Pocket size, and special Desk Binder Kit complete with highlighters.


Find out why so many real estate pros are experiencing their best year ever when they visualize their goals and view them daily.  Get off to a Fa$tart each day and turn your dreams into achievements!  Here’s to your success.



Buy Your First Home:
A Basic Step-by-Step Guide for First Time Home Buyers
by Regina P. Brown

For renters who dream of becoming home owners, this comprehensive guide shows each phase of the home buying process in a simple step-by-step manual.  "Yes, you too can become a homeowner. Follow us as we show you how to navigate the home buying process with success!"



The PlayBook Game Plan
by Regina P. Brown

A goal setting guide and action plan for real estate professionals.



Learn the Lingo of Houses:
Reference of Real Estate Terms for Today's Industry Professionals
by Regina P. Brown

This guide is specially designed for real estate sales agents, home stagers, property managers, interior designers, and home inspectors. We hear a lot of unusual “house” words in our real estate industry. This book is a reference manual with real estate industry “catch phrases” in one handy guide. Our first 2014 version of this handy “lingo” guide lists house features and includes the following sections: architectural styles, gourmet kitchens, luxury bathrooms, windows, fences and gates, outdoor yard structures, and historic / vintage features. We define each term so it’s easy to understand. Check the appendix for a special section that contains a glossary of transaction terms and a chart with acronym definitions. You won’t find a more all-inclusive guide anywhere else.

Super Sales Strategies
by Riley Klein

This guide is designed to help managers, owners, and supervisors of retail stores by teaching their staff superior sales techniques. We share some simple strategies and basic techniques you can implement for immediate improvement in your retail store. We provide training tips and examples of simple, yet powerful phrases your staff can learn to incorporate into their daily interactions with customers.

Kids, Open Your Art Shop Today
by Riley Klein

10-page easy-to-read guide for children ages 4 – 14 who want to create and sell their artistic crafts. Junior Achievement receives a donation for each eBook purchased.

Break Through Writer's Block
by Penelope Gold

We offer a dozen powerful techniques to break through writer’s block so you can finally finish your documents. This book is for teachers creating lesson plans, instructors preparing curricula, business people delivering speeches, preachers crafting sermons, and project managers writing reports.  It’s designed for aspiring authors, college students researching essays, and anyone who needs to write anything.

Lease Commercial Business Building
by Penelope Gold

As a small business owner, you need to lease a building. We will show you how to negotiate the best deal for any type of commercial building: office, retail, warehouse, manufacturing, professional, industrial, or restaurant. We’ll explain the contract, review a sample budget, and give you tips for negotiating that put you in the driver’s seat. In Step 1, I will show you how to plan your business property needs and wants. In Step 2, I show you how to locate, select, and evaluate a potential building to determine if it meets your needs. In Step 3, we review clauses that may be included in your lease, and discuss negotiation tactics. In Step 4, we discuss the importance of a budget in calculating your costs. We also include fabulous bonus materials that you can keep for future reference.

Email that Gets Results:
Take Control of your Workday --
Send Messages that Inspire Action,
Keep you Organized, and Build
Connections with Co-Workers
by Penelope Lee Golden


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