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Demo Videos

1. Turn Handwritten Notes to Typed Text for Your eBook


Can't get any fresh book ideas by typing? Don't type. Instead, WRITE freehand or cursive onto your tablet. Click a button and pow! It's converted to typed text in an instant. How's that for writing without transcription? Get your book or ebook done quickly.


2. MindMapping for Book Authors to Overcome Writer's Block


Turn your creative ideas into a logical outline so you can begin writing your ebook immediately!

3. Microsoft Word Style Gallery


Harness the power of Microsoft Word Style Gallery to write great books

4. Microsoft Word Table of Contents for Book Authors



5. Editors can Insert Comments into your Manuscript


Quick, easy editing and proofreading with your editor via MS Word powerful commands.  Great for writers & authors.

6. How to Track Changes to Get your Book Edited



7. Calculate your Book's Readability with 1 Click


Remember counting words, adding and dividing to find out the readability level of your document? Install Microsoft Word feature that calculates words, sentences, paragraphs, and more with a single click of the mouse! What could be easier for authors?

8. Create a Stunning 3D Cover for your eBook


Use eCT-hardback action script in Photoshop to create a 3-D book cover in about 5 seconds flat!

9. Publish your eBooks from Microsoft Word to PDF


Authors & Writers: I show you how to use NitroPro PDF 9 to convert your books into PDF published ebooks. Generate professional looking files.

10. Zip up your Files into a Folder


Authors: I show you how to zip up your files into a single folder using WinZip. Now you can offer your ebook to readers available with bonus forms and other documents.


11. Publish your eBook to your own Lulu site


Publish your new ebook to your own site on We show you how in this demo!

Promo Videos

1. Want to Become a Published Book Author?


After 40 years of dreaming about writing a book, I finally did it! And you can too, with our Queen Bee Publisher book coaching program. We help you go from concept to finished book. Or, watch our courses and do it yourself -- beginning with an ebook!

2. Book Authors: What's Your Message?


Before you share your message with millions of people, you need to know your topic.

3. Publish Your eBook


After I published my first book, I wanted to turn it into an ebook, but I was stuck. Slowly, I learned the process, and documented every step. I got unstuck and finally figured out how to publish my ebook on kindle and lulu. Let me share those steps with you today so you too can become a published author.

4. Aspiring Authors: Write without Writing!


I show you 3 no-fail methods to write your ebook, even if you hate writing! It's fun, easy, and rewarding to become a published author of your own book.

5. Use a Digital Voice Recorder to Speak Your Book


Cool tech tools that give you the freedom to write your book or ebook without typing anything! Simply speak your voice and then get the audio files transcribed.

6. Create an eBook in 1 Day: Put it on Your Calendar Now!


Get out your calendar and schedule your 1-day eBook Writing. Block out that day and prepare in advance. You can do it! We'll show you how.

7. Get Started Writing Your eBook Today!


Discover my super secret high-tech writing technique: a yellow pad and blue ballpoint pen!  Get started creating your ebook right away, using the tools you already have on hand.  There's no excuse... what's holding you back?

8. Authors: Polish Your eBook with Editing & Proofreading


Editing your manuscript is like taking a diamond in the rough (coal) and polishing it until it's beautiful and shiny. Attract the right readers with a professional appearance to your ebook or book.


9. Authors: Promote Your eBook with One Sheet Cards


I show you 5 sample One Sheet cards I use to promote my ebooks. Great tangible take-home for your readers at book fairs.

10. Bonus Forms for eBooks - Prizes for Authors!


Authors, we've got 10 awesome gifts for you! And FREE in our online course, "Create Your Custom eBook in 1 Day". Grammar Guide, Action Verbs, Transition Terms, Style Sheet, and so much more!

11. Donate a Portion of Your Book Profits to your Favorite Charity!


Here's a check from Lulu to my favorite charity based on my book sales. In Lulu, you can set up a portion of your book sale proceeds to go to a non-for-profit organization every time revenue is received. Not only do the publisher and author benefit but your favorite charity can receive donations too. How cool is that!


12. Publish your eBook to Kindle Quickly


Publish your ebook to Amazon via Kindle KDP author upload page. We show you how in this brief demo!

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